E China's Women's Small Homes Bolster Women's Self Fulfillment

July 18, 2019
Editor: Wei Xuanyi

Yixing, a city in East China's Jiangsu Province, has set up a number of women's small homes in various residential communities to provide voluntary services to local residents.

Sun Chunyan, President of the Women's Federation of Yixing City, said that a women's small home had a public warfare project, two professional teams, three sessions, four themed activities, five elements of small homes and six combinations of service systems, all to meet women's needs and help them solve their problems.

Yixing is a city renowned for pottery, especially the production and inheritance of zisha pottery. Last year, a women's small home was set up in the workshop of Zhou Juying, a national master of arts and crafts.

"There are many female students learning the skills of making zisha pottery in my workshop, and the women living nearby also love to chat together in there. Establishing a women's small home in my workshop can unite the local people together," Zhou said. "We not only provide lessons on zisha-pottery-making skills, but also teach women the tea ceremony and etiquette. We publicize the CPC's beneficial policies as well as mediate small 'frictions' between neighborhoods."

"We have activities almost every week. This weekend we will have a lecture on the innovation and inheritance of the zisha teapot, and we are all looking forward to it," said Zhang Juan, a student of Zhou.

Qian Lixiang, who used to suffer from breast cancer, is now full of hope in life after she joined the local women's small home, where she teaches women to make sachets and other crafts. More than 30 women have mastered the skill and obtained work opportunities through it.

"I am really happy for them and feel greater self-value," she said. Now, Qian leads a female volunteers' team to make and sell handmade items to help more people in need.

In addition, Yixing successively established a number of social organizations to meet different needs of women and children. To date, it has set up 39 such women's small homes in urban and rural areas. It has established four female volunteers' teams consisting of officials from women's federations at all levels, deputies of the women's congress and leaders of female social organizations, providing service for public education, legal-rights protection and business startups.


(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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