N China Women's Organization Earns Praise for Serving Locals

December 26, 2018
Editor: Yang Peng
N China Women's Organization Earns Praise for Serving Locals
Workers of the council hold a meeting. [China Women's News]


A women's council in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province, has earned high praise from the public for serving locals whole-heartedly for over half a year.

Founded in Wangsi Village on February 9th, 2018, the council has been running under the direction of its higher-level supervisor, women's federation.

At its first meeting, Zhao Ruiyun, president of the local women's federation, was elected as chairperson; Zhang Baojun, the Party branch secretary, was chosen as honorary chairperson; and eight executive committee members of the federation and female volunteers joined.

The council helps women solve difficulties, protect their legitimate rights and interests, and maintain the village's harmony and stability.

The members often make special visits to locals in an effort to look into their problems and hold meetings to put forward effective solutions.

Song Jinghua, a widow from a neighboring village, extended her appreciation to the council after getting its help in reclaiming ownership of her house, which she bought several years ago.

Song was not a resident of the village, so local officials told her that they couldn't handle the affair for her.

Feeling helpless, she could do nothing but shed tears in a corner.

On hearing this, the council held a meeting to discuss how to help her out.

They tried to gain a thorough understanding of the national policies, then collected a relevant certificate in the following week, thereby eventually helped her regain her property.

Zhang Hua, a farmer from a humble family, was under a heavy financial burden after being diagnosed with a dissection of his aorta.

To fund Zhang's operation, the council organized a donation activity in the village and neighboring areas.

After recovery, Zhang volunteered to work for the council, and became the first male member of the organization.

Xiang Peiling, over 60 years old, was assisted by the council when a bout of heavy rain hit her house.

To avoid more losses, the workers came to help Xiang move out her furniture.

In the wake of the disaster, she applied to join the council with an aim to pay back society.

Since its foundation, the council has held 16 meetings and discussed 32 people's livelihood issues.

Members of the council are often busy helping others, and sometimes even ignore their own business.

However, they never complain, and treat the work as their honor.

"By helping others, we can have a higher sense of achievement," one of them said, adding that, "We shall hold on and continue to serve the people."

Their efforts have also gained widespread recognition.

"They are indeed helpful," said a villager, "we might turn to them for help whenever we run into difficulty."

"With their hard work, the village has become more harmonious, and the local people have attained a sense of significantly increased happiness," Zhang said. "We owe a lot of thanks to them."

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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