C China Grassroots Women's Federations Implement Reform in Just 7 Weeks

August 15, 2017
By China Women's NewsEditor: Penny Huang

The reform of local women's federations in 1,780 villages and 149 production teams in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province was fully completed as of August 2, say officials.

According to the demands of the All-China Women's Federation and provincial organizations, the city spent just 48 days transforming all grassroots Women's Representative Conferences into women's federations.

At present, there are 60,623 female representatives in the city. Women's federations at all levels have 1,896 presidents, 6,676 part-time and full-time vice-presidents and 11,699 executive committee members.

To keep closer contact with, and provide more effective services to, ordinary women, the leadership team of the federations absorbed more outstanding and younger people from all sectors of society with higher educational attainments, according to a statement.

Those admitted included female entrepreneurs and college-graduate village officials, thereby strengthening their forces and improving their personnel structure.

The average age of local women's federations' presidents, full-time and part-time vice-presidents and executive committee members across the city are 44, 44.1 and 45.7, respectively.

Meanwhile, about 22.05 percent of local presidents held college degrees or above, and the proportion of their counterparts among part-time and full-time vice-presidents is 8.45 percent, with 3.54 percent for executive committee members.

In order to guarantee reforms' smooth and high-quality implementation, Wuhan Women's Federation has carried out top-level design and strictly supervised every link in their work. Focusing on extensive inspection and publicity, it particularly stressed "role models" to take a lead in other local organizations' practices.

Specifically, the municipal federation set up six supervising groups, gathering thousands of officials to visit grassroots organizations, update their latest work conditions and deeply communicate with newly-elected presidents at village-level women's federations.

Accordingly, local federations established specific teams to reinforce working instructions for the reform.

In addition, to vigorously carry out related work, Wuhan Women's Federation set up a regular working reporting mechanism and analyzed data every week.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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