SW China City Improves Grassroots Women's Federation Officials' Services

September 13, 2016
By Xu ZhenxueEditor: Rong Chen
SW China City Improves Grassroots Women's Federation Officials' Services
A migrant female villager from the Three Gorges Project picks tea leaves after her family relocated to a new town. [Xinhua]


Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has recently launched a training program in the district of Wanzhou to improve officials' service abilities among grassroots women's federations.

The program follows the organization's reforms, which have been carried out since last November. Its major aims include targeting officials' team construction and serving platform for women and children, improving the organization's capacity to cope with society's economic development, and protecting the legal rights and interests of women and children in the region.

The local Wanzhou Women's Federation acts consistently with the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), as it has built a strong working group comprised of grassroots officials.

The organization has also reduced its interior departments from six to three. After the reforms, the local organization expanded its service coverage to subordinate communities and villages, involving more capable women in the women's working groups.

Meanwhile, Wanzhou Women's Federation has endeavored to build flexible working styles, including full-time, part-time, and temporary posts in the organization. This innovative effort has increased officials in the fields of science, technology, culture and health, further attracting successful entrepreneurs, activists and volunteers from social groups into the program.

Moreover, the local organization has also established a so-called "Five-One" scheme.

It implies that each official is responsible for connecting one grassroots women's federation, with one female villager, one elderly resident in the region and one child from an impoverished family.

During the reforms, Wanzhou Women's Federation has helped local communities and villages establish a related service center. Together with the Women's Home activity center, these new centers will carry out various activities among local households.

With joint efforts from local schools, these activities will focus on strengthening family education, improving local women's occupational skills, and spreading certain knowledge on laws and State policies among women.

Furthermore, with the help of new media such as QQ and WeChat, online Women's Home construction aims to build closer connections between social groups and local residents whilst improving working efficiency among grassroots women's federations.

The local organization also shines a spotlight on so-called "left-behind" people. These are a group of villagers who stay in local villages as their other family members migrate to cities across the country to seek better jobs.

After a thorough study on these people, the local organization still focuses on improving conditions among them in aspects of vocational skills and health support.

Specifically, Wanzhou Women's Federation has sustained a "Three-Key" campaign in helping those in need.

The first campaign includes migrants from the Three Gorges Project, as millions of residents from the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River migrate to neighboring areas during the ongoing construction of the Three Gorges Dam, which is the world's largest hydropower project.

China has also contributed continuous efforts to running a supervision system to look after the rights of migrants from the Three Gorges Project.

The second campaign is launching training sessions for female volunteers, improving their service awareness and abilities.

The third is looking after "left-behind" children, encouraging volunteers to care for the youngsters and accompany them.

Huang Liangfen, president of local Wanzhou Women's Federation, said that more targeted services will also be provided by the local organization.

(Source: China Women's News /Translated and edited by Women of China)

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