District Women's Federation Harnesses Power of 'Internet Plus' Era

July 7, 2015
By Yao JianEditor: Eileen Cheng
District Women's Federation Harnesses Power of 'Internet Plus' Era

A worker of Huaiyin District Women's Federation shows the mobile terminal of the 'Wise Steward' platform. [China Women's News/Yao Jian]

The women's federation of Huaiyin District in Jinan, capital city of east China's Shandong Province, has introduced a "Wise Steward" system to enhance its work and better serve the people.

The system consists of an online software platform that can be accessed via computer or on a mobile device; and a group of 137 "wise stewards" consisting of outstanding, passionate women volunteers; staff from residents' committees; or women representatives from various walks of life.

Each of the "wise stewards" pays regular visits to designated local neighborhoods, so that the whole district can cover and a good understanding of the people there can be developed.

If they encounter some family or neighborhood dispute, a "wise steward" can submit information online. All users of the platform can offer their ideas or suggestions concerning the issue. Meanwhile those staff responsible for the matter are sent to solve the problem. Professionals are also available on the platform to provide instant counseling.

In addition, the "Wise Steward" platform integrates six existing platforms of social groups and institutions, making the services of the women's federation more timely, targeted and satisfying.

Apart from settling disputes, the "Wise Steward" system aims at comprehensively servicing eight aspects of the federation's activities including: assistance for women in start-ups; marriage and family counseling; and community voluntary service.

"The 'Wise Steward' system has succeeded in pooling the wisdom of outstanding women and social groups by virtue of the Internet. Through the combined network, the needs and emergencies of all local people can be quickly responded to with effective solutions," said Ma Cui, president of the federation.

Over the first half of 2015, small loans worth a total of one million yuan (U.S. $ 161,000) have been given to 29 local women entrepreneurs with the help of the system, along with visits paid to 199 impoverished mothers, 229 girls and 140 women plagued by breast cancer or cervical cancer. "We are going to promote this system in rural areas for the benefit of more people, using the convenience brought about by the 'Internet Plus' era," concluded Ma.

District Women's Federation Harnesses Power of 'Internet Plus' Era

Ma Cui, president of the Huaiyin District Women's Federation, reveals that the "Wise Steward" system will be promoted in rural areas for the benefit of more people. [China Women's News/Yao Jian]

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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