W20 Delegates Share Views on Women's Employment Around the Globe

May 26, 2016
By Zhang Xiaogang, Ren JiaoEditor: Sherry Song

The opening ceremony of the W20 summit, a preliminary women-focused meeting to complement the G20 economic meetings, was held in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, on May 25. Before the event, female representatives spoke with Chinese social media reporters and shared their understanding of women's development and employment worldwide.

Canada: Women enjoy equal rights

The co-founder of Girl-20, a Canadian charity organization which helps young girls in developing countries, stated that in Canada women and men have equal status. Women have the right to choose their life and jobs, and many of them are able to make differences in their workplaces under the support of their family and society.

When talking about methods to balance work and family, an executive from the Center for Women in Business of Canada stated frankly that it is a challenge, but it is important for everyone to consider because modern women play so many kinds of roles in society. They are not only mothers at home, but they also have their own career plans.

Turkey and Egypt: Hard for women to be independent

Representatives from Turkey claimed that under pressure from families and society, women in the Middle Eastern country can hardly get the chance to be independent after graduating from school.

They also pointed although there are increasing numbers of women finding employment in Ankara, many women in eastern regions of Turkey are still unemployed and remain inferior in social position.

Egypt shares a similar situation. Representatives said they believe men enjoy higher status than women and that women are required to stay at home to look after their children and husband. Faced with this situation, the government has recently released policies for women to help them get employment and realize their dreams. They will add more specific works for women and evoke awareness of being independent as well, according to Egyptian delegate.

European Union (EU): Provides foundation for women's employment

As a mother of two kids, the former Director of the EU Affairs of Equality stated that in Europe most couples prefer to hire child minders to help them take care of children when they are working. She also claimed that the EU has established the European Social Fund to promote women employment projects in member states, such as by setting up children care centers to help women professionals balance their jobs and families.

What's more

W20 was established by G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in 2015. It aims at realizing gender inclusive economy growth and women's empowerment in local economies. The organization focuses on the theme of equal participation and innovation development of women, promoting communication and cooperation in the fields of gender perspectives in global economy governance, social welfare and the employment of women, as well as women's participation in the digital economy and women's network innovation.

(Source: hsw.cn/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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