Nanjing: Employers Advised to Give Females 1 Day Off During Period

November 13, 2015
By Xu Qin and Tai XiaoliEditor: Mable Wang
Nanjing: Employers Advised to Give Females 1 Day Off During Period
Eighty-five percent of women say period disturb their normal work and life. [Jinling Evening News/Liu Mu]

In the last few days, Nanjing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions issued a newly-revised version of the "Nanjing Collective Contract on Women Workers' Rights and Interests Protection" at a training session aiming to protect female employees' rights and interests.

The latest wording of the agreement template states that women employees "directly involved in manufacturing, business operations and service activities" should be entitled to a day off during their menstruation period. At the same time, employers should provide "comprehensive health services" for menopausal women over 45.

The sample contract is composed of general provisions, legal rights and interests protection, and special protections for women workers — and the latest revision was made to reflect the relevant laws and regulations that have recently been launched. The privileges mainly deal with labor protection for women workers during their menstrual period, pregnancy, maternity leave and breastfeeding period.

In line with the contract, such female workers' days off must be treated as a holiday and not be replaced by economic subsidies. During their menstruation period, women must be protected from engaging in high up, low temperature, cold water or off-site operations, and must not take on labor over a certain degree of intensity. Instead, they should be assigned to do other jobs temporarily or given one to two days off. Women in other types of work must be given a day off in the case of menstrual cramps or similar, owing to the provision of medical certificates.

For women workers breastfeeding babies under 1 year old, employers must not prolong their working time or arrange night shifts, but should offer one breastfeeding hour a day during their working time, or combine the breastfeeding hours according to the actual situation. Furthermore, employers should provide all-around healthcare for menopausal women above 45.

It is also recommended that employers offer two 30-minute stretching exercises each workday, which should not be combined. In addition, employers should conduct general examinations for cervical cancer and breast cancer for their women staff every year or two.

The latest sample is designed as a reference agreement for enterprises and public institutions in Nanjing, which can also formulate more tailor-made collective contracts based on their own conditions.

According to officials from the federation's committee for women workers, in the past years more than 9,700 collective agreements for individuals have been signed, covering some 32,000 enterprises and 605,000 workers. From the beginning of 2014, the directive has been amended once and applied widely throughout the city.

(Source: Nanjing Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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