N China's Tianjin Popularizes Gender Equality Education in Schools

December 18, 2018
Editor: Xie Wen
N China's Tianjin Popularizes Gender Equality Education in Schools
School in Tianjin hosts gender equality education. [Cnwomen.cn]


Officials from multiple relevant departments in Tianjin recently issued the Notice on Gender Equality Education in Primary and Secondary Schools to help comprehensively popularize gender equality in education.

The notice was authored by Tianjin Women and Children's Working Committee (TWCWC), the Municipal Commission of Education (MCE) and Tianjin Women's Federation (TWF).

In recent years, TWCWC, the MCE, and TWF have continued to promote advanced gender culture, according to officials.

At the end of 2016, TWCWC and the MCE jointly held a work conference on integrating gender equality education into the primary school curriculum with regards to family, school and society; and, proposed a pilot project to set examples.

In the document, the organizations summarized their experiences to promote in-depth work on gender equality education in primary and secondary schools.

At the beginning of 2017, officials issued the Work Plan on Gender Equality Education in Schools, selecting one school in each district of the city with a good teaching foundation and strong teaching strength as the first batch of pilot schools for gender equality education.

They also further clarified the guiding ideology, implementation steps and requirements for work promotion, laying a foundation for the comprehensive teaching of the topic in the city's primary and secondary schools.

In combination with actual teaching and education, each pilot school carried out gender equality education in various forms such as moral education activities, quality development, class meetings and group psychological counseling.

Shuishang Primary School in Nankai District has integrated gender equality education into the teaching plan of the whole school, establishing a teaching and research group for gender equality education courses.

It also regularly conducts teaching and research activities, collectively develops teaching plans, and builds an operating mode which gets all students involved and runs through the curriculum and the teaching process.

Xinhua South Road Primary School in Heping District has integrated the concept of gender equal education into the construction of harmonious campus culture and the school construction system, and seamlessly linked it with students' physical and mental health development, moral education and training.

Wutong Elementary School in the Hexi District has established a gender equality education work promotion mechanism by hosting monthly work meetings and gender equality education trainings each semester to gradually promote the concept of gender equality into the teaching and daily work of various disciplines.

Pilot schools have also combined with the regional characteristics and teaching practices to build a gender equality education working mechanism in line with its own actual situation, and introduced measures in management, teaching materials, teachers, courses, software configuration, activities and other aspects to ensure the smooth operation of gender equality education.

A spokesperson from TWCWC explained that in the process of carrying out the pilot project, they discovered a number of special courses with regional characteristics in line with the requirements of the times, which are suitable for students' needs and educational needs.

TWCWC also organized a demonstration course for teachers' collective research and development in pilot schools, gave lectures on case analysis, teaching plans, teaching preparation, teaching process and teaching reflection.

Gender equality experts also went to the pilot schools to observe courses and accordingly, put forward suggestions for improvement.

TWCWC believes that gender equality education is an important part of cultivating and practicing core socialist values.

Thus, through carrying out the project in school curriculum, students are allowed to implement the concept of respect and equality into action and affect people around them to further create an equal and harmonious family and social atmosphere.

Nankai Shuishang Primary School also launched a themed course focusing on the inequality in housework responsibilities and guiding students to analyze their own family situation so that they can understand the responsibilities of each person in household chore and put words into action.

According to a spokesperson from TWCWC, gender equality education will be taught as part of the educational contents in the city's primary and secondary schools, and will be integrated into the teaching contents, teaching practice activities and student quality training process of primary and secondary schools so as to foster and enhance students' gender equality awareness.

It also helps build a harmonious development of campus culture, spread the advanced gender concept in families and communities, and spur more people to participate in the construction of a harmonious gender culture, so that the concept of gender equality becomes a social consensus as well as a trend of the times.

(Source: Cnwomen.cn/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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