In 2009, China Women's University held the first International Women University Presidents Forum at its 50th anniversary. The forum was successful with about 50 representatives from 13 women universities from different countries, including China, Japan, Korea and U.S. The forum provided a platform for women universities to communicate and better know about each other. It strengthened the relationship between these universities and increased the interactions with universities and other women agencies.

Last year in 2014, China Women's University jointly together with 2 other Chinese Women's university founded the League of Chinese Women's Colleges. The League is committed to interacting and cooperating with each other, taking joint research on women's higher education, sharing and compensating educational resources, to push forward the women's higher education reform and development.



This year, the year of 2015, marks the 20th anniversary of the Fourth World Women Conference in Beijing and the issue of Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

Second International Women's University Presidents' Forum & Symposium to Commemorate 20th Anniversary of the Fourth World Women Conference will coincided both the action Chinese Women's Colleges League takes after its foundation, and commemoration of 20th anniversary of the Fourth World Women Conference. It aims to build a platform for interactions among the members of Chinese Women's Colleges League, domestic and overseas women universities, social organizations to communicate and share ideas with each other, upholding the spirit of the 4th World Women Conference to promote gender equality through women's higher education reform and practice.


Host University

China Women’s University is the first public university approved by the Ministry of Education. It is affiliated with All-China Women’s Federation and was established in 1949. It is a women's university of history and distinctions as a school of specialty in educating women and women leaders. In 1995, it actively participated in the 4th World Women’s Conference. After that, it is dedicated to becoming the China Women's Education Center, the China Women's Studies Center, the Chinese Women Leaders Training Center, the International Women's Education and Exchange Center, and the most famous Women's University in China.


Second International Women's University Presidents' Forum