Angela Chang's Fifth Album Released in Asia

January 7, 2008
Editor: yf

Angela Chang's Fifth Album Released in Asia
Brief introduction
The Queen of Heaven in Asia Angela Chang's new album was released in Asia in the middle of December!
◎New hairstyle: Her elegant long hair has turned into pretty short hair like a princess!
◎New music style and new aria: The first attempt of "supreme rock music" style and "supreme transparent" aria
The first wave hit song I'm in Love shows her true emotions with the idol singer Chun Wu in the play
◎New sparkles: Tanya Chua, Fan Fan, and Kevin Lam, the hit singers from Taiwan, strive to create the songs with a thorough new style of music
The golden combination Vincent VS Jay Chou create the most melodious song My dear, that is not love
◎New orientation: Pay more attention to "fashion, sex appeal, romance, neatness, sport" in style
Angela Chang upgrades from a "sister princess" to "the goddess of change combining force and beauty"
◎New concept: Take the subject "goddess" as the starting point to advance the battle effectiveness
Make the princess of change Angela Chang possess five thoroughly new vital forces: Attractive, Action, Athena, Arena, and Ace
◎The first wave hit song I'm in Love, which wins warm praise to her fans, is the song of the idol play Sister Princess
◎The idol play Sister Princess has received great passion from numerous young pop song fans since it is shown on TV. Rumors about Angela Chang and Chun Wu even arise, which has become a hot topic among her fans. In her new album Angela Chang sings I'm in Love, which is just the response to the relationship between Chun Wu and herself.

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