Sitar Tan: Ear World

January 7, 2008
Editor: yf

Sitar Tan: Ear World (CD+DVD)

Singer and performer: Sitar Tan

Brief introduction

The hit MV Butterflies, which is photographed in "Tianmo" (Natural Desert) of Zhangjiakou, possesses a special regional color because of its wonderful image and mysterious revelation.

Sitar Tan's first creation Maybe reveals her talents in several aspects..

Sitar Tan is renowned as "the woman singer with the most talented for singing in pop music among the youth", but Ear World not only shows her outstanding singing ability, but also the broader and bolder pop music style. This is achieved by means of keeping close to the tastes of the masses and connecting to the previous musical features. Singing Tibetan songs is her unique skill, and the majestic songs are absolutely close to her true qualities, while the first attempt of gentle rock music shows her liveliness. Several love songs in the album better prove her brave self-challenge. Sitar Tan, who usually impresses her fans by being bold, frank and vigorous, has a mature but inexperienced attitude towards life and love.  Her love songs express her independent thought and opinion about people and things through some life experiences. In addition, she gets some valuable experience. She finds that singing all of the songs with the same emotion and without deliberate modification enables every listener to feel and gain the emotion that connects to the songs at different times and according to their own experiences. It is just like her view towards affection. She possesses a kind of mild emotion after she relieves her emotion. The result seems very simple, but the process and the accumulation of emotion makes her mind richer and more mature.

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