Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

September 25, 2015
Editor: Kathy Cao

September 27, the 15th day of the eighth month of lunar calendar, marks the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2015 in China. On that day, family members gather together, eat mooncakes and enjoy the full moon. Meanwhile, in some other countries, mainly in Asia, they have the same or similar festival.

Japan: Offer Incense in Temples

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

At the festival, Japanese people wear kimonos and go to temples with their families to offer incense. At night, they gather together, enjoy the beautiful moon and eat mochi, a snack made of glutinous rice.

Republic of Korea: Family Reunion

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in the country. People can enjoy a 3-day holiday to reunite with their families, dancing in traditional Korean costumes.

Vietnam: Light Carp Lamps

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

In Vietnam, elderly people tell the local myth of the festival to children and light carp-shaped lamps to wish their children a bright future. This is because in ancient tales such fish can jump over the "dragon gate".

Sri Lanka: Listen to Scriptures

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

Sri Lanka celebrates the full moon every month. The eighth lunar month is the most important. People usually prepare delicious food and then go to the temple to listen to scriptures.

Thailand: Moon Worship

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

On the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Thai people make arches out of sugarcanes, offer peaches and cakes to the gods and pray for good luck.

Singapore: Hold Gala Parties

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

As ethnic Chinese constitute a great portion of Singapore's population, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year. Gala parties are held in communities and various performances are given in Chinese areas.

(Source: Tencent/Translated and edited by Women of China New Media)

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